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Year 2018:
CALA Southwest Chapter 2018 Annual Conference

May 8th, 2018

1-1:30pm   The Open Access Textbook Initiative at Texas A&M University Libraries, by Rusty Kimball, Geosciences Librarian at Texas A&M University Libraries

An effort at Texas A&M University Libraries to promote the adoption of existing Open Access textbooks began with a request by the Texas A&M President to the libraries to identify ways to decrease textbook costs for students.
An idea from the head of the Scholarly Communications department led to the creation of a program called the Open Access Textbook Initiative (OATI). OATI uses a two prong approach that includes OA textbook adoptions to replace high cost commercial textbooks for 100-200 level courses, as well as the creation of custom course packs consisting of library licensed content and Open Educational Resources. Early efforts by the team have led to several successes.

1:30—2pm   Texas Tech University Libraries Map Project, by Jingjing Wu, Web Librarian at Texas Tech University

The TTU Library’s map was a 3D interactive map plus PDF floor plans. This interactive map was developed using the Flash technology, which is not compatible well with Apple products and is blocked by some browsers. The TTU Libraries map project aims to use another technology to replace the flash application and keep the interactivity. In this map project, we use the open source tool Inkscape to develop maps in the format of SVG, a vector-based graphics in XML format. The interactivity has been expanded to each floor plan and more features were added to the map.

2-2:30pm   Is it a book or not: Cataloging artist books for Special Collections at University of Houston Libraries, by Xiping Liu, Resource Description Librarian at University of Houston

In special format cataloging, artist books often pose special challenges to catalogers because they come in different sizes and designs and do not follow standard publishing rules. In 2017, the cataloging librarian at University of Houston received 13 artist books from Special Collections unit. These Cartonera books are handmade from recycled cardboard and each comes with unique design. One particular artist book of notice is designed as a jacob ladder. This presentation will describe the steps taken by the cataloging librarian to enrich found OCLC records for these artist books, the discussion raised on whether to use book format or 3-D format for the jacob ladder book, the classification schedules chosen to apply to meet the local needs and other related cataloging issues.




Year 2017:
2017 CALA Southwest Chapter Virtual Annual Meeting
Professional Networking: Tips and Strategies

April 28th, 2017

Conference Poster




Year 2016:
CALA Southeast and Southwest Chapter Online Joint Conference

June 13th, 2016

Conference Poster

The CALA Southeast and Southwest Chapter online joint conference will be held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm CST, on June 13th, 2016. We welcome everyone to join this conference.

Below are introductions of presentations.

Conference theme: New library technologies—-impacts and practices

Conference fee: FREE! Join us on Anymeeting on June 13th, 2016!

Conference schedule:

9:00-10:00 a.m.   Matthew Cook, University of Oklahoma: Innovation @ the EDGE: an inclusive marketplace at the university’s crossroads

Presentation summary:

Innovation @ the EDGE is the first interdisciplinary makerspace open toall majors at the University of Oklahoma. Located inside the main campus library, the EDGE provides walk-in access to circuitry kits, 3D printers, and virtual reality workstations. This presentation will outline the technologies available to EDGE users, applications of those technologies, and how each is deployed and maintained. Moreover, we will explore the results of our first semester of regular use, including: The emergence of a volunteer corps, use by faculty consultees, and the development of our constant, varied workshop schedule. Finally, we will focus on future directions (like the deployment of networked virtual reality workstations through campus) that will continue to solidify the library’s role as the crossroads of the University.

10:05-10:35 a.m.   Kun Lu, University of Oklahoma: Using text mining for weighted subject indexing

Presentation summary:

Subject indexing is an intellectually intensive process that has many inherent uncertainties. Existing subject indexing systems generally produce binary outcomes for whether or not to assign an indexing term. This does not sufficiently reflect the extent to which the indexing terms are associated with the documents. On the other hand, the idea of probabilistic or weighted indexing was proposed a long time ago and has seen success in capturing uncertainties in the automatic indexing process. The presentation will cover the recent research we’ve done to introduce methods that automatically weight subject descriptors in documents.

10:40-11:10 a.m.   Xinyu Yu, The University of Southern Mississippi: Library discovery services and tools: functionalities and assessments

Presentation summary:

Under the impact of Google search and technology advances, academic and public libraries aim to integrate discovery services and tools with their systems and provide access to diverse library resources for patrons. Library discovery services and tools have since matured and now gain momentum in information retrieval over the legacy library catalog. This investigation is to focus on new functionalities and means of assessing library discovery services and tools in use.

11:15-11:45 a.m.   Elizabeth LaBeaud, The University of Southern Mississippi: Digital archive technologies

Presentation summary:

Have you ever wondered what a digital archive is? How they work? Or how to make your digital collections more discoverable and assessable to patrons? This presentation gives an overview of the evolution of digital archives and the technologies that make them work. Starting with the first digitized documents, to born-digital documents, and a look into the future with the challenges of digital preservation, this presentation will provide a sampling of the exciting and fast changing world of digital archive technologies.

11:50 a.m.-12:20 p.m.   Yan Han, The University of Arizona: Cloud computing

Presentation summary:

The Business needs, cost analysis and benefits of cloud computing. The technical details of cloud computing will also be included.

12:25-12:55 p.m.   Minhao Jiang, Wayne State University: Digital Initiatives and Practices at Wayne State University Libraries

Presentation summary:

The purpose of the presentation is to share how technology, regardless of originality, is being applied to the Wayne State University Libraries (WSULS) environment.

12:55-1:00 p.m.   Wrap up




Year 2015:

CALA Southwest Chapter 2015 Annual Conference

May 27th, 2015


The world has successfully transitioned from the Newtonian‐

worldview era to the hypermedia‐networked age. Professions of

librarianship, including librarians and libraries, have also been shifted from

the traditional “guardian of knowledge” to the information intermediary.

The theme “Online Future” reflects SW Chapter’s efforts to move

administration meetings and events to online formats this past year. You are

invited to share your success of any online experience in librarianship,

addressing what types of online activities you have successfully held and

how these online events have influenced your career, profession, and





Texas Library Association 2015 Annual Conference

Location: Austin, Texas

Duration: April 14-17, 2014




Year 2014:

Texas Library Association 2014 Annual Conference

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Duration: April 8-11, 2014

CALA SW member involvement:

Yang, L., & Perrin, J. (2014), Texas Library Association 2014 Conference, “Tutorials on Web Analytics: How to Conduct a Web Analytics Report on the Library Website,” Texas Library Association, San Antonio (April 9, 2014).




Year 2013:

“美國亞省華人百年歷史回顧” Translation Project

Project inquired by Chinese United Association of Great Phoenix (CUAGP).

  • This document is part of the book entitled “沙漠明珠” which was published 2012 and also online with a total of 22 pages and 6,848 words. Details:

  • Project start to finish:  January 2  to January 25, 2014; proof reading: January 26 to 31.
  • Result: Project complete successfully and raised a certain amount of fund for CALA SW.
  • Special thanks to: Huifen Chan, Le Yang, May Lee, Qian Liu, Yi Xiao, Anlin Yang, Xiaoyin Zhang




Texas Library Association 2013 Annual Conference

Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Academic Librarianship
4/26/2013 – Fri,  1:00 pm – 1:50 pm

Academic libraries have long recognized the importance and benefits of recruiting librarians from diverse backgrounds as essential to their overall mission. This program will present the historical and current state of ethnic and racial representation in academic librarianship, and resources and strategies for recruiting and retaining of librarians of color.


Hui-Fen Chang, Oklahoma State University





2013 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

Barba, S., Perrin, J., Starcher, C., Winkler, H., & Yang, L. (2013), Texas Conference on Digital Libraries 2013, “Perspectives on Preservation Strategies for Digital Content: Lessons Learned,” Texas Digital Library, Austin, TX. (May 7, 2013). This is a panel presentation, and names of author and presenter are in last name’s alphabetical order.




2013 Digital Library Federation Forum

Barba, S., & Yang, L. (2013), 2013 Digital Library Federation Forum, “A Complete ETD Paradigm: The Workflow from Submission to Preservation at Texas Tech University,” Digital Library Federation, Austin, TX. (November 5, 2013). The poster presentation won the best award among dozens of others, and earned the registration tickets to the 2014 forum at Atlanta.




Southwest Chapter Poster for the CALA 2013 Annual Program

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Southwest Chapter Poster for Arizona Library Association (AzLA) Annual Meeting (November, 2013)

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Southwest Chapter mid-year report for Arizona Library Association (AzLA) Annual Meeting (November, 2013)

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